Follow the link below to pay your membership dues for the year and help support disc golf in the East Bay.

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Any person interested in disc golf will be eligible for membership.
EBDGC will grant membership upon receipt of annual dues and a completed application.
Annual dues and detailed benefits will be announced by December 1 of the prior year, as agreed by the current and incoming Executive Committee members together.
Dues are not pro-rated for mid-year submissions.
Dues are not refundable, even if membership status changes.

The elected Treasurer will, on behalf of the club, keep and maintain the member registry. The Treasurer will remove any member whose membership lapses.The committee of officers reserves the right to remove any member from the register who ceases to maintain annual fees, acts inappropriately toward any of its members or the public who frequents the courses and parks at which Disc Golf is played, or violates guidelines set forth by the executive committee.


Membership in the East Bay Disc Golf Club for one calendar year.
Right to attend members-only events.
Right to vote in club elections. (membership must be current)
A lifetime membership number.
Club bag tag or other club "swag" as determined that year.
Discounts on selected club events, merchandise, and participating businesses.

Members are expected to support the Club and courses in any manner that fits their means and abilities.
The EBDGC and its members will make every reasonable effort to actively promote and demonstrate positive interactions with the general public. In short, they act as ambassadors of the sport of disc golf.
The EBDGC and its members will provide effective course stewardship to ensure the health of Disc Golf in the East Bay.
Club officers may vote to suspend, for up to one year, any member who consistently fails to fulfill these responsibilities.
In the case of negative conduct greatly detrimental to Disc Golf, EBDGC, or the communities where we play, Club officers may vote to bar membership permanently.

Any active member may vote once on any resolution, in person or, if provided, through digital means.
All voting matters will be decided by a simple majority, except in the case of amendments to this constitution, removing officials, and lifetime bans. In these cases, a 75% majority is required.