Weekly Handicapped Tournament:
The Aquatic Park weekly handicapped tournament is held every Wednesday evening starting around 4:00-5:30 during Daylight Savings time from April through October. Come fall we move to Saturdays at around 8:30-10:30 for until April. The weekly is a good way to meet local players, become familiar with the course, and maybe win a little money. $5 gets you in, with $1 going to the Ace Pool, and the remaining $4 of each entry fee paid out to the top 3 to 7 finishers, depending upon how many people show up.

It takes 2 weeks to establish your handicap, so you can play for free while you establish your handicap. However, you still have the option to put in $5 for a shot at the ace pool in your first 2 weeks, as the ace pool usually lurks above $200 to make it worth while. After 2 weeks you have a handicap based on the difference between your average score and even par 54, multiplied by 80%, to take out your highest scores. The handicap levels the playing field, and actually benefits beginners who are always improving on their handicap. Click here for results from the weeklies as well as current standings.
Lake Chabot Golf Course has a monthly tournament run in a similar manner to above the second Saturday of each month, rolling start 8AM-2PM. We also have numerous tournaments at Lake Chabot including the New Years Classic and Oakland City Championships. Stay up to date with all the action at

the Lake Chabot facebook group.  
Berzerkeley Best Pairs Bash Ice Bowl:
The Berzerkeley Best Pairs Bash is our annual doubles tournament held every Super Bowl weekend at Aquatic Park. The tournament is an official Ice Bowl event benefiting the Alameda County Food Bank.
Results from years past are available here: 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005